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12 Step Programme

                        KEY IDEAS OF THE TWELVE STEPS          

Powerless:In step one we discover that recovery begins with an admission that we are powerless.We admit that we do not have the power on our own to live life as our Higher Power intends.Unmanageable:We have tried to manage our lives and the lives of others.However,our management has always met with failure.In step one we admit that we cannot control or manage our lives any longer.                                                         Higher Power Because step one has helped us understand our powerlessness,we need a power beyond ourselves to help and heal us.Our higher power does not have to be precisely identified or named.Our higher power may not be anything like the god we were taught about in eariler religious trianing.Our higher power,will nurture and carry us through our recovery,will be revealed in divine power,presence and help according to our unique needs.All we really need to to know about our higher power now is what AA 2nd tradition says" there is but one ultimate authority -a loving god"The emphasis is on the LOVING.The god of this program is a loving and nurturing power,who has our best interest in mind.Step two is about faith,trust and believing.Faith is not intellectized - it just is.Faith is not manufactured - its from a power greater than ourselves.Faith is not earned - its a grift.                                                    

                                        Turn it over: This phrase of surrender is a key idea for step three,we are handing over our will and our lives to our higher power.Self Will : Self-will is the determination within us all to control our own lives.Self-will in itself is not wrong;our high power has given us the power to choose.The problem with choice occurs when our will conflicts with our higher power.Our choices have brought us pain, hardships, addictions, compulsions, and self-de-feating behaviors. Our higher powers, will for us brings us hope, healing and peace.