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Adult children of alcoholic/dysfunctional families is an anonymous 12 steps self help fellowship of men and women, who identify with common characteristics, as a result of growing up in alcoholic/dysfunctional families.

  • Hypervigilance - isolation

  • Dissociation - loss of identity

  • Perfectionism - numbing out

  • Controlling - fear of intimate relationships

are just a few of the Defenses used by children to cope with the stress of  living in dysfunctional homes and life Effects that can continue into adult life.

ACoA is a spiritual program based on honesty, trust and love. By expressing what happened to us children in a safe and loving  environment we can break the survival patterns. By seeking  spiritual help, we are making two decisions, breaking  away from fear based control stagnation/withdrawal and reconnecting with a spiritual power that can return us to a full life.

Posted Dec 2016

Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization, Inc.